Camera modifications

I recently learned about camera internal filters, and I might not want one for astrophotography. Basically, cameras tend to have an IR and UV cut filter that also cut some red from the pictures to match how our eyes see red. While good for daytime color photos, this greatly increases the exposure needed to capture the red spectra of nebula.

I took my Nikon D5300 apart and removed the internal filter. I didn’t record any of the process, but some instructions can be found here. The process felt really sketchy, but I successfully removed the filter without ruining the camera. Test daytime shots are much more red now, so I think it worked as intended.

I purchased a UV and IR filter to counter removing the internal filter, although I may want to play with some of these bands at some point.

The other modification I did was I stuck the mirror in the up position so it won’t move while taking photos. I straightened a cotter pin and bent it to jam the mirror in the upwards position. The pin fits nicely into a square in the camera, and I glued it in place and painted it a little with a black Skerple. Hopefully this won’t introduce any reflections, but I could fix that if needed.

The camera still seems to work just fine, now with no mirror flap between my burst shots. I’m not sure, but I feel like the burst shots occur quicker now that the mirror doesn’t have to move anymore.

Some forum posts suggested removing the mirror entirely, and others suggested not to as sensors are used to determine the mirror’s position, and the camera may not work anymore if removed. I figured this was a safer plan, as I could remove the wire to let the mirror return to normal if I need to.