Horsehead: 1, Me: 0

I figured I would try something other than M42 for once. With my new Baader UHC filter in hand, I looked around at other parts of the Orion constellation. Knowing approximately where the horsehead nebula should be, I looked around a bit using a 56mm eyepiece and the filter. I couldn’t see anything, which was probably due to the grotesque Akron light pollution and having no night vision from all of the lights around in the neighborhood.

So I took a random guess, and tried photographing around the star Alnitak, the left-most star in Orion’s belt. Here’s what I got.

You can definitely see the haze that was starting to come in from the west, illuminated by Alnitak. However, you can see a little bit of nebula in the top left of the photo! Excited, I took to Stellarium to see what I might have barely captured.

Welp, I totally missed the horsehead. What I got was a piece of NGC 2024. And maybe a little bit of NGC 2023.

After a little bit of research, I see that the horsehead is a “dark diffuse nebula.” I think I may need to do it full spectrum next time, as it may not emit at the certain frequencies that my UHC filter passes. I got maybe the tiniest bit of red from it at the bottom of my image.