Random stars?

I was just randomly looking around the night sky, and found a little “cluster” of stars that I thought looked cool. I decided to photograph it a bit in case something else came out with it. The result was quite pretty!

I did mess with the saturations a bit to get it to be so colorful. I was brave again and used half second exposures, which resulted in a bit of trailing. Thankfully, Siril 0.9.11 was able to register the images, anyways.

After looking around a bit in Stellarium to see what this might have been, I discovered that it was right in the heart of the the Rosette nebula! I tried to play with the image some more to see if I could pull any nebula out of it, but there is nothing there. I think the nebula was just too dim, and I was zoomed in too much to capture enough light from it. There was also a haze starting to come in that night, so that probably masked any dim light that might have been coming in from the nebula.

Here’s a comparison of my image and what the nebula looks like.

I think I need a focal reducer! I didn’t think that these objects would be so big in the sky.