First shot at Saturn, another challenging planet

I hadn’t had a chance to use the telescope in a little while, but Accuweather said that tonight would be “excellent,” so how could I turn that down? Saturn was coming up right about dark. The conditions weren’t ideal, as it was a bit hazy with lots of seeing near the horizon where it was located. Although Saturn is currently 792,248,270 miles away from us tonight, I took a few snaps anyways for fun. You can definitely see the void in the rings, as well as bands on the planet.

UPDATE: I decided to try processing and stacking a video I took. The video had about 4500 frames in it, and I used the best 2000 frames. I think this is definitely an improvement! I went a little more aggressive with the wavelets, and although they make the picture look a bit unnatural, they did pull out a lot more detail.