First timelapse

I recently purchased a cheap 50mm f/1.8 lens for my Nikon D5300. The poor camera has just been sitting in a case for almost a year, I figured it needed something to do. I hope to start doing wide-field images with it when a mount that I ordered comes in. For now, I put it on a tripod and pointed it to the south. I let it take 4 second exposures with a three second break in between. Overall, I got about 1700 images over the course of a little over three hours. It was a little tricky processing all of this data.

For my first try at this, it is not too bad. The lens has some wicked coma at f/1.8, so I’ll probably have to slow that down. The moon and light pollution was tamed a bit by the background extraction in Siril. I haven’t found a great way to do color correction yet.