More Jupiter!

Are you getting tired of the planets yet?

I’m on a mission to fine tune my planetary imaging. It’s very finicky. I tried a few different tweaks with exposures, and I found out that the new verison of Sharpcap uses a ZWO library that has a bug in it that limits frame rate. I used an older version and was able to get 110 frames per second! The atmosphere wasn’t great, but it wasn’t a loss, either. But I figured getting more than twice as many frames per recording would definitely help with detail.

I’ve learned to use a tool in PixInsight called RestorationFilter. It seems to be the best sharpening I’ve tried yet. Here is what it can do:

Mighty impressive! It does leave a bit of ringing, not sure if that is because I am driving it a bit harder than the data can handle, but I think it is a big improvement over wavelets and unsharp mask.

Here is a conversion of one of the recording sessions, so you can see how bad it looks but what stacking can do to retrieve detail: